Golf Long Drivers International


Golf Long Drivers International - Rules & Regulations

Dress Code

Proper golf attire is required.

Golf Etiquette

Proper golf etiquette is mandatory for all levels of competition. Disorderly conduct, abusive language, intoxication or possession or use of an illegal substance will not be tolerated. The violation of any of these conditions will result in the immediate disqualification from the International Long Drive event and forfeiture of any recognition. Entry fees will not be refunded.

Promotional Rights

All participants grant permission to Iceman Promotions and Golf Long Drivers International to use their name and likeness for broadcast and promotional purposes.

Measuring Drives

Drives are measured from the tee box to the final resting location of the ball.

Recording Drives

All attempts are measured and recorded regardless of the ball's status. Only balls in the Competition Grid count towards a Competitor's score.


If two or more Competitors are tied, they will enter a sudden-death tiebreaker. They will hit in the same order as in the Open event competition.

Discrepancies, Decisions and Interpretation of Rules

The appointed Golf Long Drivers International's Site Director shall make all decisions on-site pertaining to: interpretations of the Official Rules and Regulations, conduct, postponement, rescheduling and any other decision effecting the outcome of the event.
Golf Long Drivers International is the final arbiter of the event and as such any decision or interpretation of the Rules and Regulations shall be final.







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