Golf Long Drivers International


Qualifying Events

A written request is required from a long drive reporsentive or the countries governing body to the game.  Golf Long Drivers International (GLDI) will provide full details regarding the sanctioned competition process, the qualifying procedures through implementation of a national championship event.


The series is open to Professional and/or Amateur golfers who must advance from fully serviced local qualifying tryout events sanctioned by GLDI. Local Qualifying, Nationals and Regional Championship events can be staged at golf courses or practice facilities. Winners from local qualifying then proceed to their countries Championship Final, the crown jewel in the National Team selection process for Men and Women.  Each country’s National Team comprises of 5 hitters, 3 men, 1 woman and 1 senior man who then compete in divisional classifications and collectively as a national team.  

The GLDI sanctioned competition process is governed internationally and enables all participants an equal and fair chance to represent their countries National Team and compete in a series of World Tour and  Regional Championship television shows and events leading up to the International Long Drive Championship finals. 




Broadcast Partners

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