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Laughlin Veterans Festival

The Laughlin Veterans Festival

A Tribute to the Men and Women of the American Armed Forces

A weekend of Festivities Celebrating
The Men and Women of the American Armed Forces

Rolling Thunder

North American Television Production and Syndicated Broadcast

4 Episodes Filmed in Laughlin, Nevada - Made for the North American Television Audience

Roger J. Piggott, a 35 year motorcycle enthusiast, and extreme snowboarder along with Rockie Lynne (Country Music Artist) and Geoff Bodine (NASCAR) hosts the television series. They provide the viewers with a colorful and detailed look at each event with informative interviews and segment highlights designed for the armchair viewer.


Roger J. Piggott

Rockie Lynne

Geoff Bodine

A weekend of Festivities Celebrating
The Men and Women of the American Armed Forces


Laughlin, Nevada plays host to the North American television campaign, with four (4) episodes being produced for inclusion in the 26 episode Rolling Thunder television series. A professional film crew will capture the festivities and excitement associated with a weekend packed with live entertainment and attractions. Musical performances will be headlined by Nashville recording star Rockie Lynne, car and motorcycle show-and-shine, vendor displays, military BBQ cook-off and a series of activities slated for the entire family. Motorcycle and classic car enthusiasts from the tri-state region will assemble to pay tribute to our American Military Heroes on Veterans Day.

Iceman Productions™ has been commissioned to produce a 26 episode television series to enhance global awareness to television viewers worldwide. Laughlin Veterans Festival represents 4 exciting television programs being produced to support the Veterans Day festivities. Laughlin Veterans Festival represents a 4 episode ‘Magazine Style’ television series designed to showcase the region, event highlights and heartfelt stories of valor from select veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Corporately sponsored content segments feature a variety of highlight elements, intermixed with exciting live event footage. The Laughlin Veterans Festival series is being syndicated through North America’s top 100 DMA’s and their comprehensive network of regional cable and sports channels.

Each episode is meticulously produced and expertly photographed in stunning high definition. The series profiles the highlights to the Veterans Day festivities. Rolling Thunder television is skewed towards the everyday motorcycle enthusiast with a detailed look at cruisers and sport bikes and regional highlights. Our hosts provide a detailed and comprehensive look at the philanthropic veteran tie-ins and attractions that draw thousands of consumers to this well attended event.

Iceman Productions™ is exclusive to the filming, packaging and syndication of the ‘Ready-to-Air’ television programming associated with veteran highlights filmed from the top motorcycle rallies in North America. Production and blue chip content sponsors are showcased throughout the filming process. All sponsorship packages are designed to meet the specific marketing requirements pursuant to prime time regularly scheduled programming. Laughlin represents a unique film shoot location and provides a platform for the heartfelt stories of valor from the tri-state region. Television segments are filmed on and off location and are built to enhance the production content of sponsors goods and services.

“Together we can help correct the past and to protect future veterans
from being left behind should they become Prisoners-of-War/Missing-In-Action”.

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