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  • Support your current position globally as an international Holiday or Tourism Hotspot
  • Increase Visitors and International Tourism awareness
  • Showcase your country/venue with broadcast relations in 46 countries worldwide
  • Increase Foreign Currency Income
  • Real Estate Sales & Investment Opportunities

Tourism & Host Venue sponsorship opportunities associated with Iceman Productions™ and sponsorship of the international filming process has proven to provide enormous traditional media and advertising return through global broadcast of our independently produced ‘ready to air’ programming.

Iceman Productions™ and our International Golf and independently produced high impact Offshore Powerboat television programming targets the desirable upscale demographics associated with the golfing and the boating communities.  Our programming targets a lifestyle active consumer audience comprising of regular holiday goers with disposable incomes.

Iceman Productions™ and our proven International Golf and Offshore Powerboat Television programming is a successful and cost efficient “marketing tool” for Tourism Boards & Host Venue partners. A key feature associated with sponsorship of the television production process has been multiple episode re-airings coupled with an extended broadcast shelf life.

The production sponsor's advertising and promotional message is housed within the initial raw film stock and utilized to build several episodes from each film shoot location. Episodes are then personalized for network partners to augment existing sports and regular scheduled ‘prime time television programming’.  Program syndication and distribution is an on-going internal process.  

Iceman Productions is proud to have a proven track record with blue chip organizations in television production, syndication & broadcast worldwide of our high impact event programming.



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